Seth Saunders
President Saunders at the Mexico City Temple Christmas lighting with friend Yoalli Garcia.

Editor's note: While thousands gather in the Conference Center for general conference, many more tune in around the globe via several types of technology. This week, Mormon Times shares experiences and memories of those who have participated in general conference outside of the United States.

One of the greatest blessings that the gospel can bring into our lives is the ability to eliminate the perception of other cultures. This was taught to my family and I while we lived in Mexico City, Mexico. During the general conferences we realized just how powerful the gospel is for Latter-day Saints all around the world.

I can remember the feeling that came to me as I saw how excited members of the church in Mexico got for general conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. What was even more humbling and truly touched our family were the efforts made by members to get to a Mormon chapel to watch our prophet and leaders share messages of hope and inspiration. Some would have to take more than five or six different buses over a two- or three-hour period in order to get to a location to watch conference. I don't ever once remember hearing anyone complain about the efforts it took.

It actually made me reflect on the times growing up in Utah and being able to flip on Ch. 5 to watch conference. I can remember times where I complained about having to go upstairs to watch.

I am so thankful for the humility of the members in Mexico; they taught me so much. It was those and other unique experiences during conference that helped make our time there so special.

One of the experiences I really loved was the opportunity to watch the priesthood session with some of the mission presidents at the area authority offices in Mexico City. To be with those called leaders there in the offices of LDS general authorities, watching the prophet speak gave me such a powerful testimony of the priesthood.

After that specific experience, my desire to serve the people in Mexico grew to new levels. My love for general conference also was strengthened seeing the efforts of so many humble members do whatever it took to experience conference.

It is amazing the excitement that comes now as we anticipate general conference. I am eager for the chance to learn and grow. I often thank Heavenly Father for allowing my family and I to live in one of the greatest places in the world, Mexico City.

Seth Saunders is the president of the Pembroke Branch in the Virginia Beach Virginia Stake.