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Ami Wilcox
Right in the middle of the Syracuse Titan cheerleaders is Layton City Mayor Steve Curtis — the loser of a bet between himself and his Syracuse counterpart.

LAYTON — It was homecoming night for the Layton Lancers and judging from the standing-room-only crowd at Lancer stadium, a good portion of the city had turned out to root for the home team.

There were blue and white--balloons, banners, uniforms, fire works, city officials everywhere.

Even Layton City officials were decked in blue and white.

There were no surprises until one looked a little closer and realized that Layton City Mayor Steve Curtis was decked out in Layton face paint and wearing a Syracuse football jersey.

An even closer look revealed he's surrounded by the lovely Syracuse cheerleaders, on the visitors' side of the field, and he was right in step, waving his pompoms while cheering for the wrong team.

While Curtis' antics were met with grins and cheers by the appreciative Syracuse crowd, nobody appreciated it more than Syracuse Mayor Jamie Nagle.

Friday's animated (and rather talented) mayoral cheering performance was pay back for months of friendly banter and downright smack talk as each mayor taunted the other during their fitness/lifestyle personal goals challenge.

Each mayor had challenged the other to get fit and 'win' by posting the lowest BMI (body mass index). The wager? Cheering for the opposing team with the cheer squad in a team football uniform during the 2011 Blue and White Layton vs. Syracuse game.

A lot of good-natured ribbing aside, the fact remains that Nagle bested Curtis by two-tenths of a percent, and that landed Curtis on the Syracuse sidelines.

"I lost a bet, its as simple as that," said Curtis. "After three months of fierce training and competition, losing to Jamie by such a narrow margin stings. Well, OK, that sounds like tough talk, but it was all in fun and every city could use a little friendly competition, right?"

Curtis caught on very quickly to most of the cheer routines and performed them with enthusiasm, although he opted out of the hand spring competition for some reason.

The mayor may have gotten a little more activity than he bargained for, however, as each Syracuse point garnered a corresponding push up by all the cheerleaders, after each touchdown. That's over 120 push ups.

Notwithstanding the final 34-7 football score, the Layton High 42nd homecoming event was a huge success.