Mormon Messages
A scene from the newest Mormon Messages video, "Flecks of Gold."

Gold flecks: A prospector looking for gold nuggets on a windswept plain is the first scene of the newest Mormon Messages video. As Elder M. Russell Ballard of the Quorum of the Twelve tells the story, the prospector learns an important lesson about changing his focus to looking for "Flecks of Gold." It may be harder, but the payoff is just as great. We can liken this to finding golden flecks of testimony throughout our lives, explains Elder Ballard. Share this important message!

Yoruba copy: Do you have a copy of the Book of Mormon in Yoruba in the trunk of your car? It’s lucky this blogger did, because he was able to share that language version with a couple from Africa in his local grocery store. Click in to read the full account.

Online problems: "Here's the situation. Her husband spends huge amounts of time on Facebook chatting and messaging old girl friends and mutual friends of him and his wife, who happen to be women. And she doesn't understand it. She feels ignored emotionally and doesn't know how to encourage her husband to talk with her as his wife and best friend, instead of women with whom he is not married too. She also can't wrap her brain around the thought of why these women spend so much time in return, replying to his messages and continuing such conversations. Many of them are married themselves. All of them are LDS. She wonders if their husbands know what they are doing.....and if they do, why they are OK with it." Emotional affairs seem to be turning into larger problems, both in larger society and even in the LDS Church. So "What Would You Do?" Click in to see the commenters advice or add your own!

On camera: What was it like for the BYU group Vocal Point to be on the national televised show "The Sing-Off"? Members of the group discuss their experience. One explains, "you know we're having prayer and we look up and there is a cameraman capturing all of was kind of exhilerating." Another says "we were able to show America who we really are, who Mormons are." Click in to watch the entire interview!

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