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On Faith: Michael Otterson tackles “From the Bible to the Book of Mormon: How do Latter-day Saints Interpret Scripture?” in his latest On Faith column. You just must read the entire thing, but here’s a snippet: “First, what the Book of Mormon is not. It isn’t a book about Mormons. Neither is it a 'Mormon Bible' — a substitute for the Bible of the Christian world. It is not allegory. Nor is it primarily a history. The way Mormons view the Book of Mormon is parallel to the way other Christians view the New Testament and Jews the Old Testament.” Click in for more!

Relief Society: Do you have your “Daughters in My Kingdom” Relief Society supplement yet? Regardless, you must check out the new “Daughters in My Kingdom” website where you can download the book, read (or submit!) testimonies, learn to use the book, find study helps and much more. Wow!

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On 9/11: We mostly turn toward New York in commemoration of 9/11, which is fitting, but this blogger eloquently reminds us to look toward Washington D.C. as well: “If you look hard, you can see the wall that is a different color than the rest of the building. There is no memorial at the wall, no names, just a different colored stone…. So New York, I’m glad you embraced the day, remembered your loved ones, and did your duty. But please forgive me if yesterday, I gave my salute… to the city with the building that has a wall of different colored stone.” Beautiful.

Blogging identity: OK, this is totally tooting my own horn, but I just have to point you to the newest “Mormon Identities” episode on “Sharing Your Mormon Identity on the Web” where I join bloggers Kathy Soper and Blair Hodges to talk about the power of blogging. Enjoy!