Once again, the death of the Big 12 Conference has been pronounced.

During the past year, various people have said that the Big 12, a victim of conference realignment, is done.

Here we go again. "The Big 12's done," a source told the Austin American-Statesman. "Oklahoma wasn't open to creating Big 12 stability."

In this report from the Austin American-Statesman, the source said University of Texas officials flew to Norman, Okla., to meet with officials from the University of Oklahoma in an attempt to dissuade the Sooners from bolting the Big 12 in favor of the Pac-12.

"The Sooners could find themselves without stability as there is no guarantee the Pac-12 will extend an invitation," according to the American-Statesman. "Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott, who last week said his conference would prefer to keep the status quo, had no comment Monday about Oklahoma's plans, but recent developments suggest OU and OSU could be Pac-12-bound."

That leaves Texas with three options: "They don't want to be independent, and the one thing they do know is their conference options are about to be reduced by one. If the Big 12 implodes, Texas would have to decide between pushing for membership in the Pac-12 or Atlantic Coast Conference or turning independent, an option Dodds has always strongly opposed."

More and more, it would appear joining the Big 12 is not a viable option for BYU.