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LOGAN — About a dozen bystanders helped lift a burning car to save a motorcyclist who was trapped underneath it Monday.

Police said that at about 11:45 a.m., the motorcyclist, who was heading east on U.S. Highway 89, had swerved to avoid being hit by another vehicle that was pulling out of the parking lot across from Utah State University's Lund Hall. However, the two vehicles collided and the motorcycle burst into flames.

Students and construction workers nearby helped to lift the car and pull the unconscious cyclist, Brandon Wright, 21, out from under it, according to Logan police Chief Jeff Curtis. He called the group heroes and said they did a "great job" getting the man out of harm's way.

The group also used fire extinguishers from nearby campus buildings to put out the fire.

The cyclist was not wearing a helmet and was seriously injured, including broken bones and burns. The driver of the other vehicle was not injured.

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Wendy Leonard, Twitter: wendyleonards