Tom Brokaw during a rehearsal for the special 9/11 memorial performance of "Music and the Spoken Word."

9/11 music: Tom Brokaw describes his thoughts working with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir in preparing the 10-year commemoration on 9/11 in this marvelous video interview. As he says, “The story of 10 years ago cannot be told in words and images alone... Music is there to carry us along….and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir is, in some many ways, America’s choir.” Click in to hear entire five minute interview.

30 seconds: “Have you ever read past journals (or blogs) and noticed you begin each entry with an apology for not writing in so long? ‘Dear Diary, I am so sorry it has been three decades since I have written. I promise I’ll write everyday from now on.’” Sound familiar? Well, the Mormon Life Hacker has a cool program for you that lets you "Journal in Less Than 30 Seconds." Thirty seconds! You have that to spare, right? Learn all about it by clicking in!

General conference: It’s less than a month away, but we should "Plan Now for General Conference Reminders" in getting them ready and out to the investigators and recent converts. Because “If you've ever forgotten it was conference weekend, you know there is nothing worse than showing up for church on time at your regular ward building and seeing an empty parking lot!” Click in for all some great ideas on reminders all the way up to the last minute!

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