Cedar Fort
Book cover of "The Perfect Token" by Cathryn Tew and published by Cedar Fort.

"THE PERFECT TOKEN: Love at First Flight," by Cathryn Tew, Bonneville Books, $14.99, 215 pages (f)

Author Cathryn Tew has captured the LDS college dating and marriage scene in “The Perfect Token: Love at First Flight.”

After helping his father care for his younger brothers following the death of the boys' mother, serving a mission and finishing two degrees (aviation and business) at a local college, John is going away to work on his master's degree at Northgate College in Utah. His family is concerned about his social life, and would like to see him get married. John would like that as well, but he is literally looking for the girl of his dreams.

Brietta, has just ended what she thought was a promising romance. She's an engineering student at the same college, loves to scuba dive and is working on getting her pilot's license. She returns to Northgate after the Christmas holiday to find that all of her roommates are engaged and she’s about to give up on finding the right man.

During his first week at Northgate, John, who has his pilot instructor’s license, meets Brietta. They share the cost of flying a small plane together at the local airport. From there it’s a turbulent flight to the story's happily ever after landing.

A fun, easy-to-read young adult romance novel, “The Perfect Token” is definitely G-rated.

The Utah-born author currently lives in Alaska, where she has learned to scuba dive.

Rosemarie Howard lives in a 100-year-old house in Springville, Utah. She recently finished a documentary for BYU-TV entitled, "Wei MinZhi: Daughter of Miracles." Visit her website at http://www.dramaticdimensions.com.