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Brian Nicholson, Deseret News
Firefighters work the scene of a house fire that damaged a second house in Layton Monday, Sept. 5, 2011.

LAYTON — A Layton family on vacation in Washington state will return to find their home destroyed by fire.

Investigators say the Monday blaze is suspicious and they were looking for one of the homeowners'’ sons to question him.

“The window on the west side just blew out and the flames just blew out of the window,” said neighbor Kevin French, who was in his backyard. “I ran in the house and yelled to her, there’s a fire, not here, call 911.”

At about the same time, Scott Harper with the Davis County Sheriff's Office was just half a mile away when he spotted smoke coming from the neighborhood. “We arrived on scene. We attempted to boot the front door, but it was too hot for us to enter that way,” he said.

The fire started around 8 a.m. Monday at 867 W. 2175 North. When fire crews arrived, the house was fully engulfed.

“There was also a home to the west of them that was starting to be threatened, so they initiated an attack on the main house and protected the house to the west,” Layton Fire Battalion Chief Jared Sholly said.

People in the home west of the fire were evacuated.

Crews were able to contain the fire, but not before it damaged all three levels of the home. The house was considered a total loss, with damage estimated at more than $200,000. The neighbors' house suffered external damages.

Two dogs inside the home made it out OK.  No injuries were reported. The cause of the fire remains under investigation. 

The house belongs to Dave and Kristie Kenny. Family members said the couple had been on vacation in Kennewick, Wash., since last Thursday. They've lived in that house for the past 10 years.

Investigators say one of their sons was the person seen at the house before the fire started.