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The Book of Mormon YouTube 2011 Challenge Facebook page

It’s the keystone of our religion and bloggers are celebrating and spotlighting the Book of Mormon in innovative and important ways.

First, did you know that coming in October is a “Special (Liahona and Ensign) Magazine Issue on the Book of Mormon”? Blogger Larry Richman explains that it will address three basic questions:

  • What is the Book of Mormon?
  • Why do we have the Book of Mormon?
  • What does the Book of Mormon mean to me?
How will it do this? “Its pages include a history of the Book of Mormon, members’ personal experiences with it, suggestions for scripture study, and information on how it applies today. Incorporated throughout the issue are testimonies of and insights into the Book of Mormon from living prophets and apostles, as well as from Joseph Smith and every Church President since.”

And you must click in to learn how members are being encouraged to use this special upcoming issue.

Plus you have heard about the 2nd Annual Book of Mormon YouTube Challenge 2011? I’m seeing it promoted in Facebook statuses, and it looks marvelous.

From the event producer Erin Jakob: “The 2nd Annual BOMYT Challenge — a powerful member-driven, faith-sharing media event — invites participants to watch a newly produced unofficial video on the Book of Mormon, and share the video and their witness of this Testament of Christ with others on September 30, 2011.” Why on Sept. 30th? Because if everyone can watch a single video on the same day, it can bump the on YouTube analytics, garnering even more viewers as people wonder why it’s a "trending topic." It’s a fantastic way to share testimony using the technological tools at our disposal in a community effort.

For more information, click on the above Facebook link, see the More Good Foundation page detailing the event, or check out the BookofMormonBelieve.com website, where you can share your testimony, learn more, and watch a trailer heralding the event. Of for even more ideas, click in for "Additional Way to Share the Book of Mormon." And finally…

“We really want to flood the earth with the Book of Mormon. That's our goal. We think that we can do it this way,” said Hal Rushton, project manager for the Gospel Library for Feature Phones project in a new video interview. What he referencing? Why getting the Book of Mormon on regular cell phones, particularly “feature phones” that are found all over the world. It’s a fascinating endeavor that truly looks to fulfill that above-mentioned injunction. Learn all about the “Gospel Library for Feature Phones Project” in this video interview (and accompanying transcript) at LDSTech. And see how you can even help!

Now let’s find other important posts from this last week in the Bloggernacle:

Power pick: Gangsters. FBI. Shoot-outs. Today, you get to read the thrilling true story of "Special FBI Agent Samuel P. Cowley" as told by his son Sam Cowley. Learn about this couragous Mormon who helped take down John Dillenger. As Cowley explains it "But there was a twist. Hoover wanted Dad to do the job, head up the on-site Dillinger team. This short term assignment would drastically change Dad’s life, and that of his young family. Hoover’s words: 'Find John Dillinger. Stay on him. Go anywhere the trail takes you.'" Wow, click in for the entire exciting account!

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Power pick2:In honor of the “10th Anniversary of 9/11” the team at Mormon Messages have spotlighted the inspirational video from 2009 about Victor Guzman, 9/11 survivor, who tells his story of tragedy and trauma, testimony and triumph. Please watch.

Techie tip: If you are a BYU sports fan, then you must check out the Mormon Lifehacker’s instructive outline for “How to Watch BYU Football on Your TV without Cable.” There is no perfect solution, but with all the options he lists, hopefully you can “Rise up and Cheer” for the Cougars from the comfort of your own home. Awesome!

Emily Warburton Jensen loves searching through the LDS blog world for developments and testimonies that best capture the ever-evolving LDS online experience. Email: ejensen@desnews.com

Email: ejensen@desnews.com