Douglas and Connie Jones Earl
Russian missionaries pose in front of the Mission Training Center in Spain.

Russians MTC: “For the first time, Russians, Ukrainians, Bulgarians, Albanians and Baltic missionaries have a place to go for their MTC experience” says Doug and Connie Earl, Missionary Training Center directors in Spain.

They continue, “Previous to this they would go directly to the mission field. Some, those that were fluent in English and could get a visa to the U.S. were allowed to go to Provo, but most did not. This is our first group.... They are delightful.”

Click to learn more about some of these historic “First Russians to the MTC.”

Stinging message: A comparison of "The Sting of a Scorpion" to the sting of sin is vividly brought to life in this new Mormon Messages for Youth video. Elder Patrick Kearon of the Seventy recounts a painful lesson he learned when he disobeyed his parents and wore flip-flops in the desert scorpion habitat. Ow.

Even though it is a re-enactment, the sting just stings and the lesson on sin is impactful. Share with the youth in your life!

Fall guide: “1. rake the leaves and jump in them; 18. Stuff a scarecrow; 58. Make a turkey by tracing your hand; 91. Have a tailgate party.” These are just four fun ideas from “The Ultimate Guide to Fun Fall Activities: 101 things to do with your kids.”

With the weather cooling, the kids in school, the leaves changing, it’s time for some delightful family fun in the fall. Check out this awesome list.

September printable: “There has never been a greater need for increased faith and personal righteousness. There has never been a greater need for strong families and homes.”

The Mormon Mommy Blogs has taken this powerful statement from Relief Society President Julie B. Beck in the September visiting teaching message and turned it into a beautiful “Free Printable” to click, download, print and take to the sisters you teach. Lovely!

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