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Covenant Communications

"BOOK OF MORMON WHO SAID …," by Val Chadwick Bagley, Covenant Communications, $9.99, 2 or more players (ages 3 and up)

Matching card games are a dime a dozen. I've seen them feature everything from princesses and superheroes to hamburgers and weather patterns. Lay down a set of cards, flip over two at a time and try to find a match. It's pretty much the same game but with different artwork. Not too exciting.

But what if you added a Book of Mormon theme, four different ways to play, scripture quotes and the cartoon art of Val Chadwick Bagley? Now we're talking!

"Book of Mormon Who Said ... " contains 56 cards, or 28 matches, highlighting characters from the Book of Mormon. The matching pairs consist of one card featuring a drawing of a Book of Mormon personality and a second card with the same person as well as a scripture quote from that person.

The cards are not identical but close enough to match and allow different options for gameplay.

There are four ways to play the game, but the objective for each is to collect the most cards:

  1. Standard matching game: Who would have guessed?
  2. Who said?: Someone hides the cards from the other players and reads the scripture quote. The first person to name the Book of Mormon personality who said the quote collects the card.
  3. Fill in the blank: Players read the scripture quote on the card but leave out one word. The person that names the missing word collects the card.
  4. Guess who I am: Without showing anyone their card, players act out a scene from the Book of Mormon (similar to charades) involving the person on the card. The player who names the person collects the card.
"Book of Mormon Who Said ... " is more than your typical fare. I enjoyed the well-designed and very sturdy cards. The game is reasonably priced and the artwork is fun to look at. The best aspect of the game is having four options for gameplay. The thing I dislike the most is the game's name. It's not too exciting. How about "Marvelous Matching with Mahonri Moriancumer"? The game does feature the brother of Jared, you know.

Ryan Morgenegg is a multimedia specialist for the Deseret News and loves playing board games. He has collected more than 1,000 different games.