Prominent Mormons continue to speak in the national media about the LDS Church in the midst of the "Mormon moment."

In a National Public Radio report titled "The Oft-Misunderstood Faith of Modern Mormons," broadcast on Wednesday, Rebecca Roberts, host of "The Talk of the Nation," interviewed Michael Purdy, the media relations director for the church, and Joanna Brooks, a self-proclaimed liberal feminist Mormon and writer whose articles have been featured in the Huffington Post, the Washington Post and the New York Times, among others. Roberts also took calls from a couple of listeners.

Roberts and the interviewees discussed everything from the church's growth to the idea of a Mormon president to polygamy.

"It's at this interesting point now where I think our visibility is far ahead of the understanding that people have of us," Purdy said in the interview of his efforts to clear up some common misconceptions.

Michael Otterson, head of Public Affairs for the LDS Church, also discussed some misconceptions on Wednesday in his latest Washington Post blog, "Mormon beliefs and Christian creeds."

Otterson compared different sets of beliefs and sought to clarify some Mormon beliefs.

"So, yes, the Mormon view of the Godhead differs from the Christianity of the creeds, but every Mormon believes that it is not at odds with what Jesus taught or what is written in the Bible," Otterson wrote.