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Courtesy of Brad Fuhrman
Jack Matranga and Brooke White, now known as Jack and White, released an EP on Tuesday.

Since placing fifth on the 2008 season of “American Idol,” Brooke White has been making her mark in the music industry, and even dabbled in TV movies.

With two full-length albums to her credit, White released a new EP album on Tuesday called “Gemini,” written and recorded with Jack Matranga.

“Jack and I started writing about six months ago,” White said. “We were writing for my solo record but as we were writing, we realized this wasn’t just a Brooke record. It was its own project.”

White isn’t a horoscope enthusiast by any means — she does check them once in awhile for laughs and giggles — but the commonalities between the two singer-songwriters were blatant.

“One day I noticed some of Jack’s quirky mannerisms and they reminded me of myself,” White said. “I said, ‘Hey, were you born in June?’ and he said, ‘Yeah.’ We discovered we were both Gemini.”

The album revolves around the “theme of duality, that opposition is in our lives so much,” said White, remembering the minute she started singing “Gemini, Gemini” over the chorus of song. That chorus then became part of the album-titled song.

”One of the lyrics is ‘I smile and cry like a Gemini.’ We’re not always just one thing, but most people struggle with trying to be a consistent person all the time.”

White and Matranga were surprised at how easily the album came to them. Six songs later, there doesn’t seem to be signs of stopping the chemistry of the duo.

“The inspiration was organic and natural,” White said. “They say good songs write themselves, that they already know where they want to go. When you tune into a song, you can’t stop it, and that’s how I felt with every one of these songs.”

For more information, see jackandwhite.com.

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