Sheryl Nields, Syfy
Amy Bruni, left, Kris Williams, Jason Hawes, Grant Wilson, Dave Tango Steve Gonsalves on the new season of Ghost Hunters, which premieres on Wednesday.

Season seven of “Ghost Hunters” continues with new episodes starting this Wednesday at 7 p.m. on Syfy.

In a special episode on June 1, The Atlantic Paranormal Society, led by Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson, visited Pearl Harbor to investigate claims of paranormal activity at the Pacific Aviation Museum. The team was joined by special guest Josh Gates from “Destination Truth.”

After the investigation concluded and before the team could review and reveal the evidence they collected, Hawes and Wilson received an urgent call from their TAPS team member still in Rhode Island, where the society is based.

The call concerned a new case involving a small child who had become terrified of her own home. The episode ended with Hawes and Wilson deciding to fly back to Rhode Island for the new case and leaving the rest of the team in Hawaii to finish its work at Pearl Harbor.

This Wednesday’s episode will pick up where the show left off in June. Hawes and Wilson arrive in Rhode Island and participate via teleconference in revealing the evidence collected from the Pearl Harbor investigation. After more than 2 1/2 months, viewers will finally get to see what TAPS was able to capture at the Pacific Aviation Museum.

After concluding the reveal, Hawes and Wilson move on to the next investigation. Several family members in a Rhode Island home, including the family’s 4-year-old girl, have had experiences which make them feel uncomfortable in their house. Hawes and Wilson conduct an investigation to see if they can provide answers for the family.

“Ghost Hunters” has made a great deal of success from muffled voices, unusual flashes of light, and even stranger noises, and they are set to continue this success into the rest of season seven.

In coming episodes, viewers will also get the opportunity to see more of the newest member of the TAPS team, Maddie, Hawes' ghost-hunting dog.

The interesting notion about having a dog on the “Ghost Hunters” team is that, while humans might be able to over-emphasize their reactions to certain circumstances or, as some skeptics might say, fake it, an animal’s reactions are always going to be genuine. Maddie will prove to be an intriguing addition to the show.

As always, “Ghost Hunters” does include suspenseful scenes and some disturbing imagery, but also provides clean and family appropriate entertainment. And now they even have a dog.