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"Do NOT open if there might be MTC food police around," advises this package in the MTC Mailroom.

400th anniversary: “On October 6, in the year 1536, a pitiful figure was led from a dungeon in Vilvoorde Castle near Brussels, Belgium. For nearly a year and a half, the man had suffered isolation in a dark, damp cell. ... His name was William Tyndale, and his crime was to have translated and published the Bible in English.” So begins this beautiful tribute from Elder D. Todd Christofferson of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles on “The Blessings of Scripture — 400th Anniversary of the KJV Bible,” the newest video offering from Mormon Messages. Wow!

WaPo Bloggernacle: The Washington Post mentioned the Bloggernacle in its recent article, "Mormons using the Web to Control their own image." It's a fascinating look at how Mormons are brilliantly using search engine optimization to spread the gospel word. And did I mention that it mentions the Bloggernacle? Hooray!

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Butch Cassidy: I don’t know if you saw, but the famous outlaw “Butch Cassidy, Wayward Mormon, Surface(d) Again” this week in the news, and Keepapitchinin provides additional info. For instance, learn about his faithful and neighborly father Max Parker. And you know the cabin that Butch Cassidy purportedly lived in? Well, that historical site might not be all that it’s advertised. Click in to learn more!

MTC Food: “Do NOT open if there be MTC food police around” is written on the package at the MTC postal office. As this postal worker explains, “Apparently they didn't realize that the ‘MTC food police’ are the mail employees, who would handle the package before the missionary would get it. And that they would also be able to read this. And become suspicious. And then check it.” Click in to see the hilarious photo.

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