FamilySearch has recently launched an updated YouTube Channel.,the genealogy website sponsored by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, recently launched an updated YouTube channel. The renovated channel is designed to be a tool for both rookie and seasoned genealogists with a additions like "Genealogy in 5 Minutes" playlist, which shows step-by-step processes in making progress in family history.

They also implemented a "Woven Generations" playlist to showcase inspirational and personal experiences by those who have used FamilySearch for genealogical work.

In addition to the YouTube updates, FamilySearch has been updating its document database as well.

In January, FamilySearch signed a contract with Jackson County, Ore., to take responsibility of scanning county marriage documents between 1855-1950, and finished the task in June.

"It's great for an organization because we do it for free and they get a preservation copy of their records," said FamilySearch Public Affairs Manager Paul Nauta in a Mail Tribune article. "If they have any kind of mishap in the future — fires, floods or anything else, our copy will be available to them."

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While FamilySearch is helping make outdated record mediums enter the digital sphere, they've also partnered with Lingotek to translate public records in different languages.

"Our Web-based collaborative translation software is uniquely suited to connect the global FamilySearch member base with its rich, multilingual lineage," said Rob Vandenberg, CEO of Lingotek, in a news release. "We're excited to participate in bringing more families together by translating critical documents in their family tree."