BRIGHAM CITY The name of a woman killed while rock climbing in Box Elder County over the weekend has been released.

Laney Peacock, 19, of Brigham City, was hiking with a friend in Willard Canyon about 12:15 p.m. on Saturday. At the end of the trail is a wall of rock, said Box Elder County Sheriff's Chief Deputy Kevin Potter.

Police say Peacock and the man she was hiking with started going up. Potter described it as more of a climb than a hike.

"They go to a point where they realized they were in over their heads and were on their way back down," Potter said. While climbing down, Peacock slipped and fell 20 to 30 feet. She hit an area of shale rocks and then slid another 100 yards.

Peacock's family said the group was not climbing, but rather came to a very steep part of the hike.

The couple had come to a split in a steep trail and were negotiating their way to an upper main trail when they realized they were on the more difficult route and attempted to back-track back down to ascend the other route.

The boyfriend and family reported to me that Ms. Peacock was attempting to move or stabilize a rock to prevent it from potentially rolling down the hillside upon her boyfriend and she lost balance while moving the rock and fell," according to a statement from the family's LDS bishop.

The man she was with hiked to the mouth of the canyon where he found a person with a cell phone and called 911. Peacock was pronounced dead at the scene by rescue crews arrived when they arrived, Potter said.

A helicopter was used to hoist Peacock's body out of the canyon.

Pat Reavy Twitter: DNewsCrimeTeam