"The Bourne Dominion" by Eric Van Lustbader is on the New York Times best-seller fiction list.

"THE BOURNE DOMINION," by Eric Van Lustbader, Grand Central Publishing, $27.99, 421 pages (f)

One of the world’s most famous action heroes is back and better than ever in the latest novel by Eric Van Lustbader, “The Bourne Dominion.”

In this latest installment in the series created by Robert Ludlum, Jason Bourne must hunt down the Severus Domna, a terrorist network bent on destroying American natural resources vital to the production of top technologies.

He soon learns that the one friend who can assist him, General Boris Karpov, has been commissioned to kill him in exchange for the top position at FSB-2, Russia’s most feared spy agency.

Lustbader takes readers from South America to Europe and on to Western Asia, as Bourne and Karpov rush toward each other in a deadly contest and the Severus Domna gets closer to an attack that will cripple the American weapons industry.

Only Bourne and Karpov have the ability to cripple the Severus Domna, if they do not kill each other first.

Bourne fans will not be disappointed with this latest tale of intrigue and espionage. The author weaves an intricate web of conspiracy that will keep the reader’s heart pounding until the last page, moving quickly with the type of complicated plot that readers have come to expect of Bourne novels.

As with the rest of the series, readers should expect to be frustrated by the limitations of Bourne's own memory — the amnesiac constantly hovers on the edge of remembering important pieces of information. It is sometimes difficult to keep track of the numerous characters briefly mentioned at the first of the book and brought to life later in the story, but it does recall Ludlum's Bourne trilogy when Bourne was a struggling amnesiac instead of a run-of-the-mill action hero.

Viewed as a Lustbader book, and not a continuation of the character Ludlum created, "The Bourne Dominion" is a captivating, action-packed novel that will leave readers hungry for the next installment.

"The Bourne Dominion" does contant violence, language and some sensuality.