Covenant Communications
"Fear Not" by Reg Christensen.

"FEAR NOT: Messages of Hope, Healing, and Peace in the Book of Revelation," by Reg Christensen, Covenant Communications, $17.99, 257 pages (nf)

Long regarded as a wade through a complex and misreckoned portion of scripture, reading the Book of Revelation can and ought to actually send simple messages of hope in the knowledge of the Savior and in His Second Coming. That's the message Reg Christensen conveys with effectiveness in "Fear Not: Messages of Hope, Healing, and Peace in the Book of Revelation."

Reading through even a dozen pages of what at times feels like a "Book of Revelation Made Easy" directory causes the reader to understand that those who try to decipher all of the symbols and phrases found in the Book of Revelation are actually just trying a little too hard.

While understanding the meaning of several Hebrew numbers is helpful to understand some of what John the Revelator is trying to teach — and Christensen does refer to that key often — Christensen helps the reader understand while the apostle had much to say concerning centuries and dispensations passed, he truly did speak of our day and had unique vision into the trials we combat in our everyday lives. Having such a perspective helps the reader understand that even the seemingly mundane times in life go a long way towards our eternal relationship with our Father in Heaven and his son.

Far from feeling like another "Mormon Doctrine," Christensen takes unique perspective on the doctrines and symbols found in these particular 22 chapters by mentioning many personal experiences of the life of his own, as well as the lives of family members, students and colleagues within and without of the church. With an intense reliance on other scriptures outside of Revelation, particularly in the Doctrine and Covenants, to explain and buffet previous passages, Christensen did not hesitate to allow the influence of the Spirit in teaching simple truths.

Far from taking a gander at what doctrinal figures not yet clarified in our day are supposed to represent, the explanations found in "Fear Not" portray a pleasantly simple take at these critical writings of the last days.