OGDEN — A 13-year-old boy on a bicycle suffered non life-threatening injuries Monday night when he was hit by a police officer's patrol car.

An Ogden police officer was stopped at a red light at 7th Street and Washington. At about 7:10 p.m. the light turned green for the officer, but a 13-year-old boy on a bike still tried to hurry across the street, said Ogden Police Lt. Eric Young.

The boy was bumped by the police car. He appeared to suffer mainly scrapes but was transported to the McKay-Dee Hospital as a precaution, Young said.

The officer was transporting a person to jail at the time of the accident. Another officer was called to finish taking the man to jail.

The officer involved in the accident was "a little shook up," Young said. "It was a little emotionally trying."

After going through a set of protocol steps, the officer was put back on active duty late Monday night. An independent investigation of the accident will be conducted by the Utah Highway Patrol.

Young said there initially appeared to be other cars on the road that partially obstructed the officer's view of the sidewalk.

— Pat Reavy