Covenant Communications
"Be Still: Using Gospel Principles to Lower Anxiety"

"BE STILL: Using Gospel Principles to Lower Anxiety," by G. Sheldon Martin, Covenant Communications, $19.99, 180 minutes

When individuals find their lives filled with anxiety, they also wonder why there seem to be few solutions to the problems caused by their feelings. Often there appears to be no end to the pain and anguish resulting from anxious thoughts. Despite help from friends and family, life continues to become darker and gloomier as anxiety takes over their life.

In an entertaining and helpful three-hour CD set titled "Be Still: Using Gospel Principles to Lower Anxiety," G. Sheldon Martin has combined several talks designed to open the way to finding relief from the problems of anxiety. Using gospel principles as a foundation and calling on techniques learned as a professional counselor, Martin presents 12 principles that will give those suffering from this often debilitating problem hope for relief. Stories and experiences laced with humor, wit and tender spiritual power take the listener on a journey that will offer a starting place for the climb out of anxiety’s grip.

Quoting general authorities, the scriptures and other sources, Martin provides a framework for recovery, always reminding the listener that the power of the Atonement of Jesus Christ can restore any lost abilities or capacities. The key is to let go of past mistakes and move forward in life with the expectation of success through the power of the Savior’s offering.

When past problems are abandoned completely, and new challenges are accepted with the assurance of help from Christ, there is the hope of renewal and an enormous reduction in those feelings and actions that contribute to anxiety. Martin has created a wonderful set of messages that promise a chance for help to those who feel overwhelmed by this serious problem.

This is not a cure-all but it will be a comfort and strength for many who will listen and learn from his words.

Mike Whitmer is a teacher and writer from West Valley City. His email is and he blogs at