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A few years ago, Mike Hansen, Mike Perdue and Mark Bolton rode their bicycles from the Denver Temple to the Salt Lake Temple. They called this the Temple to Temple Bike Ride.

This last week Hansen and his wife Jody Hansen decided to attempt a Temple to Temple to Temple to Temple (with a few more temples on the tour) tandem bicycle ride. Here was their schedule:

  • July 15: Started at the Provo Utah Temple, rode the tandem north, stopped at the Mount Timpanogos, Draper, Oquirrh Mountain and Jordan River temples and finished at the Salt Lake Temple that afternoon.
  • July 16: Jody drove the support vehicle while Mike rode from the Salt Lake to the Logan Utah Temple, going by the temples in Bountiful, Ogden and Brigham City.
  • July 18: Perdue and Bolton met Mike Hansen at the Logan Utah Temple and the three of them rode from the Logan to the Billings Montana Temple (with Jody and Mike riding the tandem on certain sections), getting there Saturday July 23.

Puts a completely different spin (hah!) on going to the temple, doesn’t it? Other family members and friends also took part on this ride, some for a few miles, some for a whole day.

“This process of covering areas and distance, which remind us of spiritual and physical heritage, at a slower and quieter pace than we have in a car, has helped us connect with ancestors and their experiences in a powerful way,” Jody Hansen explained.

They also see the temple to temple rides as a missionary opportunity.

“It has also been interesting to be able to share this experience with many people we see along the way," she said. "When I am driving the support vehicle, I stop about every 20 miles so the riders can refill water and food. We frequently meet others at these stops who talk with us. I designed Temple to Temple jerseys that people notice and remember and ask about.”

And, in another great use of blog technology, Jody Hansen posted updates about preparing for their experience at her blog “Living Creation.” Check it out!

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Power pick: What do six interfaith youth have to say about staying sexually pure? In the powerful new Mormon Messages for Youth video, they each declare why "I Choose to be Pure." It's candid, full of testimony, and fantastic. As one blogger said, "I wish I had something like this when I was a youth." Click in to view!

Power pick2: This new Guardian piece is getting traction from Mormons throughout Facebook. Why? Well check out this title: “What mainstream Christians could learn from the Mormon faith.” It’s a wonderful look at the Palmyra Pageant from a non-Mormon.

Here’s a taste: “As we departed, two performers approached, a convert and a disabled teenager who spoke in slow but determined English, ‘I'd like to bear my testimony to you. I know Jesus Christ saved us and that he sent his angel Moroni to reveal the truth to Joseph Smith. I knelt down and asked God, and I know the Book of Mormon is true. I know it in my heart.’ Mainstream Christianity could learn a lot from Mormons about how to communicate faith, I thought. Because, though I didn't buy the religion they sold, it's hard to argue with a testimony like that.”

Techie tip: Did you hear about the “New Church Roku Channel” that “Streams LDS Content to Your TV”? As Larry Richman explains, here is a sample of the content you can find:

  • Mormon Messages
  • LDS general conference
  • Mormon Youth Messages
  • Mormon Channel Radio Series
  • I Am a Mormon
  • Homefronts (TV ads)
  • CES Firesides
  • Welfare Service videos
  • Live broadcasts and events
  • Children’s scripture stories

Wow! If you have a Roku device, become one of the many new subscribers to this new church channel.

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