, Utah County Jail
Utah County Sheriff's Office is asking for help identifying a man who was arrested for investigation of criminal trespassing after he was spotted hanging around the parking garage of the Provo City offices, looking into cars. He was arrest July 1, but refuses to give his name.

PROVO — A man jailed on misdemeanor charges three weeks ago who refused to give authorities his name still has not been identified despite dozens of tips.

The Utah County Sheriff's Office received dozens of calls after asking for the public's help Friday, but as of Saturday night the man's name remains a mystery.

John Doe, as he is being called, was arrested for investigation of criminal trespassing, interfering with an investigation and failure to give information to a police officer after he was spotted hanging around the parking garage of the Provo City offices, looking into cars. Police told him to leave three times, but he refused and was arrested July 1.

From that day since, he hasn't told anyone who he is, where he is from, or what he was doing in Provo.  

Utah County sheriff's Lt. Dennis Harris said authorities are baffled. The man's been told he was arrested on minor misdemeanor charges and that if he identified himself, he would probably be released for time served.

A judge did give him a $1,200 cash-only bail, but he hasn't come up with any cash, and it doesn't look like he's made any attempt to get the money. For now, he just sits in jail.

"There's a possibility maybe he's wanted in another state. Maybe he's on some registry or database where he failed to register," Harris said. "We've gone the gamut with this guy, and he's just cool as can be. He just absolutely does not want us to know who he is."

The sheriff’s office did run his fingerprints, which turned up nothing. The also given him a medical exam and had him talk to counselor, both of which yielded no clues. Harris said the man acts as if it's his first time in jail. 

Harris said the man was on the quiet side and very polite. He is in his late 60s or early 70s, 6 feet 2 inches tall and weighs about 175 pounds. Anyone who recognizes the man's mug shot may call the sheriff's office at 801-851-4202.

"He belongs to somebody. Somebody knows him," Harris said, adding he's likely from out of state.

But the man hasn't given jailers even hint of his identity. Harris said they gave him a phone card with 300 minutes on it but he declined to use. "He said, 'If I use it, you guys will know right who I am.'"

Harris also said they have had people not give them their names in the past, but they usually figure out who it is within a day or two. 

But not this John Doe. He even told police he will want to get out some time — he just didn't say when that time will be.

"It's sure going to be interesting when we find out who he is," Harris said. "It's going to be a great story."

In the meantime, the man seems to be enjoying his three meals a day. Said Harris, "He did say the food was good."

Contributing:  Viviane Vo-Duc, Dennis Romboy