Ashley Chapman, a 27-year-old Mesa, Ariz. native, is the Mormon Bachelorette. She'll pick the man to bring home to her family on July 31.

All is fair in love and war, especially when more than 20 single, attractive men are fighting for the heart of a bachelorette named Ashley. But we don’t mean Ashley Herbert from ABC’s "The Bachelorette"; we mean Ashley Chapman, the Mormon Bachelorette.

Much like ABC’s "The Bachelorette," Chapman’s love life and dating experiences are being broadcast for fans to watch, but via video segments on

This season premiered July 1, and since then, Chapman has been on first dates with more than a dozen of the 22 lucky men who made it through the application process. After each date, a video is posted about the date and Chapman gives her response.

The quirky series offers insight into the dating world of Latter-day Saints. Erin Elton, the co-creator of the show, talked to FOX Phoenix about the values that drive the show.

“In the LDS culture dates are very traditional ... A lot of marriages happen quickly because there’s an emphasis on families and marriage in the Mormon church,” Elton said. “Those of us who escaped BYU without being married end up taking jobs and moving, and it becomes different. You date a little less frequently, but you are still looking for that LDS person to marry.”

Chapman watched parts of the first series, which premiered Sept. 18, 2010, and was instantly intrigued by the program. In her introduction on the blog, Chapman said she decided to apply once the show announced it was going to expand the applicant pool.

“It wasn’t my intention to be the Mormon Bachelorette myself, but after the conversation I milled it over, and then thought to myself, 'You know, why not? Why not me? Maybe it’s my turn,'” she wrote.

This is the third season put on by According to a news release, the first season featured Aubrey Messick Laidlaw as the first bachelorette. She met Matt Laidlaw, now her husband, on date five of 22. The second season, however, featured Rick Buck, the first Mormon Bachelor and one of the suitors from season one.

Chapman will pick the man to introduce to her family July 31. To watch the dates or read about the series, visit