By Mike Anderson

Deseret News

HERRIMAN — It's a home you are not likely to miss if you are driving in Herriman. It was made to look like the one from the Disney Pixar Oscar-winning movie "Up."

"The movie kind of captured the idea that a house is a place where you live and you grow up, and you live your life," explained homebuilder Blair Bangerter.

So with permission from Disney, Bangerter Homes built an authentic replica. "Almost every detail is going to be found there," Bangerter said.

And with the outside finished, it's already attracting dozens of tourists each day.

"I like it. It's fun, said Melissa Breeze. "I don't know if I'd wanna live in it."

Another fan, Cathy Conley, said she'd love to buy the house, but not at their asking price.

Bangerter and his team of subcontractors went to every painstaking detail they could think of: the garden hose reel, the front door and even the weather vane.

Once finished, it will become part of the Salt Lake area Parade of Homes. On the weekends, they even add balloons.

"They're pretty expensive because you have to put a whole bunch of them," Bangerter said. But they don't add so many balloons that would — in a Hollywood way — allow it to float away, as it did in the movie.

They're still finishing the inside. They will fill it with custom-made furniture as seen in the movie. They did take a few liberties. They added some extra space and a basement. The total space is about 2,800 square feet.

They hope to sell it at just under $400,000, which would just about break even on all the building costs.

"We are kind of romanced with the idea that this is a house," Bangerter said, "someone will live here, like they're supposed to."