"HAPPY LIKE JESUS," by D. Kelly Ogden, Deseret Book, $16.99, 134 pages (nf)

God is happy, and he wants us to be happy, too.

That is the concept presented in D. Kelly Ogden’s recently published book, “Happy Like Jesus: Lessons From Jesus Christ On How to Live.”

In the book, Ogden examines the life of the Savior through his personality, character traits, teachings and behavior in an effort to help readers learn from and emulate his New Testament life.

“One of my all-time favorite statements from President Heber C. Kimball reads, ‘I am perfectly satisfied that my Father and my God is a cheerful, pleasant, lively, and good-natured Being. Why? Because I am cheerful, pleasant, lively, and good-natured when I have His Spirit. … He is a jovial, lively person,'" Ogden said in an interview with Mormon Times TV. "Happiness is a decision."

The book is divided into 18 chapters, 17 of which identify attributes of the Savior. Examples include “Be Happy,” "Be Prayerful,” “Be Loving” and “Be Forgiving.” The book is full of insightful scripture references and quotes from general authorities.

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Ogden is a professor of ancient scripture at BYU, and for a span of 14 years he helped administer BYU’s study programs in the Holy Land. He also helped prepare the Latter-day Saint editions of the scriptures.

Odgen has served in many leadership positions in the LDS Church, including president of the Chile Santiago East Mission and president of the Guatemala Missionary Training Center. He currently serves as a sealer in the Provo Utah Temple.

“Happy Like Jesus: Lessons From Jesus Christ On How to Live" can be found where Deseret Book products are sold.

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