Most moments: The blogs are abuzz about the newest Mormon Messages video, which is an absolutely darling and creative reminder about the importance of slowing down (literally) to focus on the “Moments That Matter Most.” And one blog I just had to highlight was from one of the minds behind this masterpiece, Tucker Dansie, who gives a bit of a behind-the-scenes look at the video as well as a lovely thank you: “Thanks to all that worked on this piece. I know it was countless hours of hard work with a workflow we have never faced before. Now, let's all slow down and appreciate our hard work ... then get back to work on the next one!”

Musical response: “I'm not holding my breath for Parker or Stone to get religion, whether Mormonism or something else. Neither am I holding my breath for it to become politically incorrect to mock religion. But if religious people are going to do something about how religion is perceived and portrayed on television and Broadway and in some political and academic discourse, it will only be by taking Hunter's (a writer he cites) advice. Being nice is the beginning of an answer. Being a blessing to society is the fuller answer.” Um, wow! As bloggers are Facebook posting, James Faulconer’s recent response to “The Book of Mormon” musical is incredible and thought-provoking. Click in for more!

17 Miracles: What was it like being an extra in the newly  released “17 Miracles” movie, which powerfully portrays the handcart stories of the Willie Handcart Company? With camera in hand, Karen documented her experience and then turned it into this fascinating blog: 17 Miracles — An Extra’s Viewpoint. Follow her as she recounts what it was like on set, tells stories about her handcart ancestor and adds pictures for extra flavor. I love it!

Baseball Mormons: This year, as far as blogger Kent Larsen is able to discern, there were two “Mormons Drafted” into professional baseball, down from six last year. Both LDS players are returned missionaries who played at BYU. Find out more by clicking in!

Father’s Day: Need a last-minute gift idea for Father’s Day? Then check out these delightful “Free Printables: Happy Father’s Day” edition that include “Happy Father's Day Banner, square cupcake toppers/party tags, I heart daddy card, ties and bow tie tags.” Click, print and give. Easy and meaningful!

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