Media library: OK, I’m going to have to explore this exciting website in depth, but I wanted to at least point you to the new LDS Media Library so you could start exploring the ways you can use media in your home, at church, with videos, and even create media for church use. Amazing! I’m thoroughly delighted to see yet another great example of how the church is using new media to spread the gospel message.

On Faith: Where is God (and the Mormon Church) in a Natural Disaster?” That’s the query that Michael Otterson, head of public affairs for the LDS Church, answers in his recent On Faith Washington Post column. Here’s a snippet: “The human side of the equation is the scores of Mormon work crews who typically converge on a disaster area from neighboring states to clean up, remove debris, repair homes and provide comfort. They are well-coordinated with other relief services. They are self-motivated and self-managed, arriving with their own self-sustaining supplies in tow. Mormons who are not normally inclined to break their Sabbath day conventions by mowing their own lawns or visiting a supermarket on the Sabbath feel no hesitation in wielding a chainsaw to clear fallen branches from a hurricane victim’s damaged roof, Sunday or not. Service is every bit as much a part of their religious identity as sitting in a pew.” Awesome.

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10,000 volunteers: Only launched in January, "The Vineyard Registration Reaches 10,000" volunteers. How cool is that? That’s such a large and unexpected response to the call to serve in the church via small projects done from home online that the Vineyard administrators have adjusted their goal to not have 10,000 by the end of the year but 25,000. Wow! Click to learn more or to help in the Vineyard yourself.

Joplin tornado: Members have been adversely affected by this deadly tornado with some people losing their homes and places of work, and even one member reported injured. See more of the facts regarding LDS members and buildings in Joplin, Mo., in this latest "Humanitarian Update, May 24th, 2011."

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