Alabama storms: Get up-to-date information on the missionaries in tornado-stricken Alabama from President Richard Holzapfel of the Alabama Birmingham Mission. For instance, one of the storm cells passed just three miles from the Birmingham Temple, but as reported, “The swath was a mile wide. ... The Birmingham Temple was not touched by the tornado.” And another report: “Yesterday was an amazing day in the mission. Many of our missionaries will have some stories to tell. The loss of life yesterday was tragic and broke previous death records. The damage to homes and buildings is tremendous. There are church members who lost everything in Tuscaloosa.”

Conversations videos: Check out the new Mormon Messages YouTube playlist "Conversations," and listen in on a conversation with Elder and Sister Cook. Learn about where they grew up, hear their testimonies on the importance of family and home teaching, and what it’s like to become an apostle of the Lord. Enjoy!

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Harmony, Pa.: You know how the church just announced that it would be restoring historic sites in and around Harmony? Well these missionaries take us on a virtual tour of “Historic Harmony: Susquehanna River LDS History Tour” so you can get a “before” look at many of these sites. See the graves of Emma Smith’s parents, the fireplace mantel from Joseph and Emma Smith’s home, the misinformation on the New York State historic sign, and much more!

Women’s Conference: Even though today is the second day of the conference, you can still print and use this beautiful “BYU Women’s Conference Journal” prepared by this blogger. Use it to record your thoughts and testimony or to write down the wise counsel from those speaking. Lovely!

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