Editor's note: One of several readers' memories of general conference.

I never thought I would attend general conference in person.

I received an invitation from Josh Clifford, one of the missionaries who taught me the gospel, to attend his sealing in the Salt Lake Temple. Because his sealing was just before the October 2010 general conference, I decided to stay an extra week so I could attend conference.

I was worried about getting a hotel and tickets to the conference sessions, but the first hotel I called, which was within walking distance of the Conference Center, had a vacancy, and my stake leaders in Brampton, Ontario, Canada, were able to get me tickets.

Two weeks before general conference, I found a distant relative using the new.familysearch.org website. Her name is Pauline Frampton, a church member who lives in Bountiful, Utah. We met and had a wonderful time. Because of her I found out that I have two aunts, two uncles and nine first cousins. I am eternally grateful to her.

Also as part of my trip, I attended a University of Utah football game, and the Utes beat San Jose State, 56-3.

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At the Saturday morning session I had a feeling that Philip Rollins, a former missionary in my ward in Newmarket, Ontario, Canada, was there and he was. We ran into each other in the lobby after the session, and we had a nice conversation. The next day, I had a feeling that Brian Brinkerhoff, the bishop of my ward at the time of my baptism, would be there. I found out later he was there, but I didn't have the chance to speak with him.

Maybe the most important facet of general conference is the inspiring talks. I was blessed to hear Elder Jeffrey R. Holland's talk titled "Because of Your Faith" where I learned the importance of expressing gratitude and sacrificing for others.

It was amazing to see all of the apostles in person. I felt peaceful and secure knowing that the church is led by living prophets.

I am so happy that I made the decision to attend general conference in person.

Ken Sisler has never missed a session of general conference since he became an LDS Church member eight years ago. He attended his first general conference in Salt Lake City last year.

Email: ken.sisler@rogers.com

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