BRIGHAM CITY, Utah — The October 2009 general conference of the LDS Church brought with it a great surprise for the residents of Brigham City, Utah. President Thomas S. Monson announced that the 14th temple in that state would be built in their town.

Many lifelong residents never imagined the day would come when a temple would be so close.

On July 31, 2010, the temple grounds were dedicated.

“I can see in my mind’s eye a temple sitting here in about two years time,” President Boyd K. Packer said. “It will be gorgeous; it will be white. You will see in the design of it reflections of previous temples that have been built, particularly the Salt Lake Temple. It will be a beacon from all over the valley.”

Today, the Brigham City Temple is taking form. All four towering corners reach to the sky, sewn together with layers of rebar and held sturdy by cement. The skilled workers build upward balancing on scaffolding secured to the outer walls.

The temple, which is being constructed on "Sagebrush Hill," will stand on the highest spot on Main Street and face the historic tabernacle on the east.

Children of this community will grow up with the temple in their backyard.

“They are building it so I can get married there,” 3-year-old Wyatt Christensen said.

His mother drives him down the tree-lined Main Street often so that he can watch the workers on the cranes and see the temple take shape. He always confidently states while pointing at the new building, “That is my temple.”

“Heavenly Father helps build the temple,” 8-year-old Haylie Butler said. Her twin brother, Tryston, echoed, “God lives there, and that is why the temple is strong.”

“The foundation makes the temple strong,” said Noah Burggraf, age 8.

Indeed, the foundation is the true strength of the temple. During the neighboring Logan Temple cornerstone dedication in 1877, President George Q. Cannon said, “Every foundation stone that is laid for a temple, and every Temple completed according to the order the Lord has revealed for his holy priesthood, lessens the power of Satan on earth, and increases the power of God and godliness."

Amy Wilde is a writer living in Brigham City, Utah. You can follow her blog or email her at