BYU Facebook: While many of BYU's students and faculty have jumped onto Facebook, BYU has not. That is, until now. Click to find the university's official Facebook page. I found out that Mark Zuckerberg was coming to BYU via Facebook. Awesome.

2,900 stakes: How many stakes do you think are in the world? If you read the sentence's intro in bold, you know already. As LDS Church Growth reports, the new stake recently “Organized in Ghana” makes 2,900 total. How cool is that?

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Pohnpeian Book of Mormon: This story is just so cool: “Ho Lee Mackeral! Pohnpeian! At gas station!” It includes a gift of the Book of Mormon, a little-known language and a lot of “coincidences”: “The Lord got them lost on purpose, took them 100 miles out of their way, so they could get a Book of Mormon in their language, and my copy was probably the closest one to I-75 along their route. Would you drive 100 miles out of your way to get a Book of Mormon, if you realized its importance? Would you drive 100 miles to deliver one? The Lord sends missionaries clear across the world to deliver the Book of Mormon, so why not send a family 100 miles?” You just have to read the entire amazing account.

Helping hands: If you saw the “Annual Report Highlights Church Emergency Relief,” you know that the church helps many people all over the world. As a recent example, check out this blog of how “Mormon Helping Hands (Young Single Adults) Help Deseret International Charities Unload Shipment of Wheelchairs.” They rolled up their sleeves and got to work, as evidenced by the many photos. Check it out!

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