Cambridge chapel: Back in May 2009, the Longfellow Park LDS Chapel in Cambridge, Massachusetts, tragically burned. But last Friday, the steeple was replaced and reconstruction continues briskly with a re-dedication date tentatively set for early July. Click in for all the details.

Football star: “After we went on our first date, I was at my parents’ house and said I met this guy named Rob Morris and my dad and my brother about had a coronary. And I was like ‘You guys know who he is’ And they were like ‘You don’t’” Meet Rob & Tracie Morris, the most recent video profiles, who tell their touching story of losing their triplets and testify about their religion. Oh, and there’s a little Super Bowl talk as well. Check it out.

Gilbert temple: Let’s check in and see the progress on the Gilbert Temple in Arizona. Look, the “Roads and Street Lights Are In.” Check out this blog post that is just chockfull of photos of the construction site.

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Mission breakthrough: “For the first time in two decades, the Church will organize a mission in a nation that at present does not have a stake or district.” Where is it? It’s the Benin Cotonou Mission, in West Africa. Matt B. explains further “The announcement of the new mission was rumored for months, but it came as a surprise that the mission will be based in Benin rather than Togo considering Togo has more members and LDS congregations.” Exciting for those in West Africa.

Army deployment: “In the year of our Lord Two Thousand and Ten, there came to be an edict in the land of the Army. They did command that my Army Man should go forth unto the land of Afghanistan. The Army man did not murmur or cry, 'Tis a hard thing you have asked of me.' He simply prepared whatever was needful for his journey.” Click to see this creative bit of writing by a blogger who tells a sweet little love story titled “Once Upon A Deployment.”

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