Prayer rolls: “I always thought of temple prayer rolls as supportive. I know that when my name has been on a prayer roll (that I know about) I have felt the support and concern of others. And when I have prayed for those on the roll, I have felt bonded to them in suffering, even if I don’t know them or what their issues are." So explains this commenter in answer to one blogger’s question regarding “The Purpose of the Prayer Roll” in temples. Click in for the fascinating discussion. Plus, did you know that you don’t have a member to leave a name on the prayer roll? And find the three ways you can add names to the prayer roll.

Ken Jennings: If you’re following the Watson vs. humans "Jeopardy!" match on television, then also tune into the Ken Jennings Blog for personal reflections and applicable links about his experience. Check it out!

Nerdy parallels: What do Harry Potter, Pokémon, comic books and Mario Brothers all have in common? They are all used as lesson examples by this missionary who has been blogging about some fun and yet interesting parallels in “The Gospel, according to a Nerd.”

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Here’s one example: “Gaining levels is cool: it makes you stronger, you can learn new attacks, and (in Pokémon) at some points you evolve! You become something bigger, stronger, and (usually) cooler looking! ... Progression is a part of life. We have to learn and to grow in order to better ourselves as people. We didn't just come here to dwindle our time away, not advancing in anyway. We were given the opportunity to come here to work hard and do the right things, to become better people.” Click to read all four essays!

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