"Meg's Melody," by Kaylee Baldwin, Bonneville Books, $15.99, 256 pages (f)

Meg Sanders was a newlywed of eight months, and her husband, Austin, had become her world. But all was not perfect.

Meg abandoned the LDS Church and pushed herself away from her family. Austin traveled frequently for his company in his drive to be No. 1 in his work, and Meg found herself alone more and more.

Meg soon discovers deeper problems. One day Meg comes home to find that Austin has moved out and wants a divorce.

Now Meg’s journey turns her back in the direction of her family and the church, but first her life takes another turn. She finds out that she is pregnant, and Austin doesn't want the baby.

In her journey for survival, Meg meets Matt, who becomes a part of her life, but a strong wall now surrounds her emotions, and she vows she will never be abandoned again.

The book follows Meg's journey as she is blessed with a daughter, harassed by her ex-husband, and feels something for Matt as she tries to find happiness and love.

Becky Robinette Wright is a freelance writer and photographer who lives in Virginia.

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