Jamaican missionary: Likely you heard the news about the Jamaican Mormon missionary being accidentally shot and killed last week. And now you can read the rest of the story as told by these couple missionaries who write a beautiful “Tribute to Elder Walker.” They were chosen to visit his family and found out his mother had just passed away from cancer 10 days previously. Plus, his only sister was the last remaining member of the LDS Church in his family. And click to read about the touching memorial service held just yesterday.

Historic meeting: Let’s head back to Burundi, Africa, for another historic event; in “Another Great Sabbath - Another Great First” these missionaries describe holding a three-hour block for the first time. “Each organization needed a little shadow leadership on the part of the missionaries, but the great new members did it! Imagine being in a block of meetings with almost nobody, including those conducting, who had ever been in any of those meetings. That's how it was, but it worked. We held Relief Society, Primary and Priesthood first. In Africa there's always a problem with people being late, really late. Sometimes people are a half hour to an hour late, so they always do Sacrament meeting last. But this Sunday NOBODY was late. I think that they were all just excited to have a full program and they were all there on time and ready to go.” Click to read more and to view some incredible photos of these pioneer saints.

Profanity-free plugin: Do you like Twitter but don’t like it when profanity slips in via tweets or retweets? Then you need to click on this link that explains how to download a new plugin that will “Filter Profanity on Twitter.” What a great tool! As this blogger says, “If you’re on Twitter a lot, but don’t like those words going through your head, this is the perfect solution!”

Indiana Temple: “To those of us who live in the Indianapolis, Ind., area the Church's announcement that the temple will be in Carmel is welcome news but not a surprise. Every member around here predicted it would be in that area. My husband, a Hoosier by birth and a Boilermaker by choice, closely examined the map and cannot imagine a better location for a temple. Access is superb and the Carmel area is wonderful.” Click for more musing from a local about the news of the location of the “Indianapolis Indiana Temple."


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