Lonely callings: “While callings can be exciting and rewarding, sometimes they are difficult and lonely burdens.” So says this blogger in describing ways people can help “Those Who Face Lonely Callings.” For instance, “I think we would be a stronger community if we more frequently considered what others in their callings might be facing and feeling. Their poor performance might not be because they are slackers, but because they don't know how to start or didn't know what was expected or are intimidated by the demands. Sometimes the barrier to success is something as simple as being given a ward directory or explaining the most relevant part of a manual or introducing the person to someone with experience in the calling.” Click to see all of his ideas and check out the comments by some who feel lonely in their callings.

Film Festival: The 10th Annual LDS Film Festival schedule is now online for your perusal. If you live in or around Orem, Utah, plan on attending this fantastic festival going through Jan. 26–29. They have comedies, documentaries, dramas and even a thriller flick called "The Maze"! Click to see what shows interest you.

Volume 2: Interested in writing about one of the “LDS Women of Faith” who were born between 1821–1845? Project editors Richard E. Turley and Brittany Chapman just released the call for proposals for Volume 2 of their landmark series. Click to find out how to submit a proposal and to scroll through the list of potential biography subjects.

  • Missionary dream: What, as this blogger describes, is “Every Missionaries’ ‘Dream Come True’”? Why, giving out many copies of the Book of Mormon, church pamphlets and preaching on the back of a truck to an interested crowd in Africa. I love all the photos of this “wonderful experience” and reveled in his excitement of spreading the gospel. And there’s already a nice post script to the story. Check it out.