With music by Joshua Creek, the true stories of the fathers of well-known Mormon people make for an interesting and inspirational DVD from Covenant Communications.

The stories are heartfelt and told by people who love their fathers. Included are pictures, visuals and little quotes that bring a smile.

"A father carries pictures where the money used to be," is one example.

The collection makes for a good mix as the listener goes from hearing about former LDS Church President Gordon B. Hinckley's sorrow over the Mountain Meadow Massacre to current President Thomas S. Monson taking the time to play checkers every evening with his son.

The story of Pete Russell tracking down his father by enlisting in the Navy and doing all he could to get to Japan where Leo Russell was being held is a particularly riveting one.

The tale from Jerry Borrowman is touching as he describes the 50-mile Scout hike that left his flat feet bleeding and impossible to walk upon, a hike his father joined when he saw his son needed help. "Grab hold of my belt," his dad instructed, leading out, giving Borrowman a different slant to his steps and thus making it possible for Borrowman to finish the hike with his friends.

Anne Marie Leavitt McDonald shares insight into former Utah Governor Mike Leavitt as she talks about the little notes he would often leave for her to discover, notes of praise and love and encouragement.

Matthew Holland talks about how he and his father leaned on the Lord to know which road to follow only to have it lead to a dead end, then later realizing by following that road first, they eliminated the option that would have left them trying to get home in utter darkness later.

Michael Ballam describes the feelings of a 17-year-old teenager whose father left a landmark dinner meeting to get to the opera with his son.

Greg Olsen's dad never berated him for failing to notice a small girl had fallen in the deep end of the pool while he was left to be the lifeguard, a small girl his father saved with an hour's worth of mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

Others sharing stories include the son of President Monson, the daughter of former President Hinckley, the son of former President David O. McKay, the son of Elder Jeffrey R. Holland, retired BYU football coach LaVell Edwards talking about his dad, broadcast journalist Jane Clayson Johnson, former Utah Sen. Jake Garn, current Utah Sen. Orrin Hatch, former Miss America Sharlene Wells Hawkes, artist Al R. Young, musician Brett Raymond, and artist Greg Olsen, along with contrasting stories from associate producers Gary Toyn and Mike Winder.

Here's a good DVD for sharing in a family home evening, youth gathering or Sunday School lesson — the snippets or the whole 70-minute DVD, which retails for $17.99.