KENT, Wash. — Having their testimony engraved on golden plates was what Kent Washington Stake seminary leaders decided would happen if the students read the Book of Mormon from cover to cover.

As the students read, the leaders found a way to make the plates.

For the plates, Stephen Ralph, and engraver and engineer, and Lon Chesley, a Seattle Washington Temple engineer, went to work on the "gold plates project."

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Chesley provided the wood for the base and made the rings from stainless steel rods. The sealed portion of the plates were 50 galvanized plates donated by a member, Ralph said. Ralph found a brass sheet to cut into smaller pages and found a way to engrave the more than 60 120-word testimonies. In the end, the plates weighed almost 40 pounds.

Each student engraved their own signature below their testimony.

"They were nervous and anxious to sign their names as well as they possibly could," Ralph wrote. "It was both an exciting and tender experience for me to see the faces of the youth as they read the words of their testimony engraved on a gold plate."

Anna Price is a stake seminary supervisor in the Kent Washington Stake.