"ON THE BRIGHT SIDE: FEELING GOOD WHEN THIINGS SEEM BAD," by Ed J. Pinegar and Richard J. Allen, Covenant Communications, 189 pages, $14.99

In their book "On the Bright Side: Feeling Good When Thing Seem Bad," authors Ed J. Pinegar and Richard J. Allen said, "You feed your body in order to live, but you feed your soul in order to live well."

These experienced authors seek to spread the radiance of true happiness by lighting the road that leads to joy.

In this insightful how-to guide, Pinegar and Allen once again come together to help faithful people find happiness through the struggles and trials life sometimes hands out. This straightforward manual aims to strengthen readers and help them smile, even when the world around them may be scowling.

These are troubling times, Allen said. As authors, we wanted to assemble a coordinated action blueprint to help people look on the bright side by applying the proven principles found in the gospel plan of happiness.

Briefly addressing an array of topics that can sometimes keep joy out of reach, Pinegar and Allen masterfully spotlight ways to turn troubles into triumphs. From overcoming selfishness, debt and stress to coping with wayward children and focusing on eternal relationships, "On the Bright Side" steers individuals down a path toward peace despite the thorns along the way.

The authors concentrate on three major topics that will help individuals find lasting happiness: starting the journey toward true joy, safely navigating the storms of life, and creating a safe harbor by seeking light. Each section emphasizes several aspects of that topic that will edify and strengthen people as they face troubling times.

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This encouraging book swells with ideas to empower anyone who needs to see the sun beyond the clouds. Pinegar and Allen also share wise counsel from modern and ancient prophets to uplift and inspire readers.

"On the Bright Side" is a guide for following Jospeh Smith and ultimately Christ's example, not by giving our life as a martyr, but by giving our life for the well-being of our family and to the Kingdom of God, no matter what, Allen said. We can feel good about life, even when things seem hard, because men are that they might have joy.

Melissa DeMoux is a stay-at-home mother of six young children who lives in West Valley City, Utah.