Heather B. Moore, the award-winning author of the Book of Mormon historical series "Out of Jerusalem," hopes to shed light on a little known subject with her first nonfiction book titled "Women of the Book of Mormon: Insights & Inspirations."

Moore, who researched and wrote about Book of Mormon women for her previous books, says that her readers' desire to learn more about these women motivated her to begin the book.

"The reason I decided to write 'Women of the Book of Mormon' is a lot of my readers would come up and tell me, 'Thank you for writing about the women because we don't know a lot about them,'" Moore said.

One reason for the lack of information regarding these women is the fact that the Book of Mormon only mentions six women by name. Moore, working from this disadvantage, quickly realized that writing this book would take considerable more time and research than her previous endeavors.

"I didn't want to make it dry or boring. I wanted it to still have a story telling flavor, but yet it still had to be nonfiction, so that made it harder," Moore said. "For example it took me 11 months to write 75 pages of nonfiction, and it takes me about four months to write 350 pages of fiction. With nonfiction, every sentence and every paragraph has to be fact or supported by someone who is smarter than me."

Moore's time and efforts in the end produced a book that unfolds and uncovers the events and lives of the prominent and lesser-known women who are woven into the stories of the Book of Mormon.

For Moore, knowing more about these women and what they went through has helped put her own life into a gospel-centered perspective.

"Their trials, I think, are something we can really learn from," Moore said. "It makes me have a more eternal perspective and not get mired down so much in the day-to-day things. It just makes me have more trust in the Lord."

As Moore's book has influenced her personal life, it has also inspired her to start new writing projects. Currently Moore is working on another nonfiction book called "Not as the World Giveth: Christ's Gifts to Women," and a new fictional book, "Daughters of Jared," that will have a woman from the Book of Mormon as it's central character.

"I decided I was going to try a little bit different writing style and genre. It's still a book of Mormon story, but it's going to be about the daughters of Jared," Moore said. "The main character is the good daughter, and the secondary character is the daughter that goes and starts the secret combination to have her grandfather killed."

Published by Covenant Communications, "Women of the Book of Mormon: Insights & Inspirations," is available now. To follow release dates of Moore's upcoming books, visit her blog at mywriterslair.blogspot.com.

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