I’m grateful for blogs that teach me, inspire me and surprise me pretty much daily.

I’m grateful for virtual friends who have become real friends.

I’m grateful for the ease of finding tips, tricks and tidbits for my Thanksgiving table and share a few today.

And I’m grateful for online Thanksgiving testimonies, some of which are linked below, that allow me to share in others' gratitude and remind me of my own.

Thanksgiving tips: There are so many great Thanksgiving recipes and crafts in the Bloggernacle, found with a few clicks of Google searching “Thanksgiving” and “LDS.” But I found this blog full of “Thanksgiving tips” a great place to start. It highlights links to some of these cooks’ favorite recipes, including a delectable-looking Cran-apple Torte. Or, “Want to try a yummy traditional Thanksgiving recipe- straight from the pilgrims themselves?” Then you need to click into this blog for a recipe for “17th Century Succotash.” Impress your guests with something both authentic and delicious!

Thanksgiving tricks: Want to make Thanksgiving full of fun memories? Then “Give Thanks” in the form of doing fun crafts with children. I love the idea about having the kids make their own recipe for cooking a turkey. I also thought these “Thanksgiving Place Cards” would make a cute addition to your Thanksgiving table. Or how about a sweet-filled “Printable Milk Carton” craft to give to your guests. Finally, how about making a “Thanksgiving Tree” to talk about what you’re grateful for in your life.

Thanksgiving testimonies: It took a “Headless Pilgrim” to illustrate a beautiful Thanksgiving-themed lesson on loving others more than things. Click to read.

And I love that the blogs are a vehicle for gratitude lists. Some blogs do it for the whole month, while others do it for the week before. Still others, like the following two, use their blogs to testify in a thankful way a list of things for which they are grateful. First, here’s a list of genealogy gratitude. Can you even imagine how genealogists did their family history before technology? And this missionary blogger is grateful for so much, including to “Heavenly Father for the life that he has given me and for the love that I feel from him. I don’t know how the Lord divvies out all of His blessings, but I feel as though he has given me more than I deserve.” Beautiful.

Now let’s be grateful for other wonderful posts from this last week in the Bloggernacle:

Power pick: A new playlist has debuted on the Mormon Messages Channel: Prophets and Apostles Speak Today. These will be videos featuring “informal interviews with LDS leaders who are called to be witnesses of Jesus Christ to the Church and to the world.” Click to watch the inagural interview with “Elder David A. Bednar: An Apostle’s Role.” And even though I’ve already highlighted this beautiful Mormon Message that teaches the importance of living in “Thanksgiving Daily,” culling important counsel from both President Monson and Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin, it is definitely worth another mention and would make a lovely Thanksgiving day devotional for your family.

Techie tip: Gideon Burton’s link on “Mormon Crowdsourcing ” combines my love of this new Prezi presentation program (click on the arrows and watch in amazement) with a fascinating subject on how the church is utilizing members to spread the gospel message and do church work in various ways online. Wow! I’m thankful for cool new technology. Click to watch and learn more, and while you’re there, play around with the delightfully easy but professional Prezi program yourself.