Segullah: Writings by Latter-day Saint Women, an LDS women's literary journal, is seeking entries for its annual writing competitions in the genres of personal essay, poetry and fiction. The journal is seeking entries for the Heather Campbell Personal Essay contest, poetry contest and the new (short) short fiction contest. The Segullah journal is a twice-yearly print publication featuring literary and visual art by LDS women.

"We want to motivate LDS women to discover, strengthen and refine their voices through the challenging yet rewarding work of creative writing. In short, we're looking for insightful and engaging works which explore life's richness and complexity from a Mormon woman's perspective." said Kathryn Soper, Segullah founder and editor-in-chief.

For women who might be hesitant to share their current or past work through the competition, Soper wants to assuage their fears. Novice writers are also encouraged to try their hand at the competition.

"We want to give writers and artists motivation, encouragement, and validation in their creative work. We want to offer new writers the support needed to discover, strengthen and polish their voices. We want to provide all our participants with a multifaceted forum that increases their exposure to and enjoyment of literary and visual art, and increases their faith and their sense of community as LDS women," Soper said.

Segullah, celebrating its five-year anniversary, started from a journal and now has developed into a multifaceted forum for Latter-day Saint women that includes a twice-yearly literary journal, a daily blog, an annual community event and a growing list of published books. The milestone anniversary is giving Segullah staff members a chance to look back on their progress.

"I'd say our greatest achievement is hitting our five-year milestone, which is a real triumph given the fact that our staff runs entirely on the volunteer power of women who already have heavy family, school, church and work responsibilities," Soper said. "This endurance is a testament to how passionate we are about Segullah's mission. And our burgeoning growth in readership shows that many others are as well. Much has changed in terms of scope and volume. We began with one medium (the journal) and have added several more: the blog, our books, and our community events. We printed 100 copies of our first issue and 1,000 of our latest one. What hasn't changed is the remarkable talent, insight and spirit of the women in our community."

As Soper and her team look forward the future, their focus remains on providing honest yet faithful forums for LDS women.

"In the future we will continue to produce high-quality literary art and meaningful online conversation, as well as strengthen our focus on visual art and community outreach. And we'd love to launch a Segullah-style journal for young women," Soper said.

For the writing competition, Segullah is seeking dynamic, unpublished entries that can address any subject that remains in harmony with doctrine of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Entrants must be female members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Segullah editors will judge submitted entries. Winners in each category will be awarded $100. The entry deadline is Dec. 31, 2010. For more information, visit