Justin Cash sees a beautiful, beautiful world. He’s determined to focus on the positive things — in his life and in his music.

Seventeen years ago, Cash’s father took him to a local store in Denver for guitar lessons. It was at this store, Acoustic Music Revival, that he later discovered two of his greatest loves — his future wife, Annie, and his future career, music.

“Imagine an old-world, creaky wood-floored instrument shop, complete with beret-wearing musicians jamming blues and folk songs," Cash said. "Mix in the smell of old cedar, and you’re there."

Cash was teaching guitar lessons at the Acoustic Music Revival store when he was home from BYU one summer. His future wife showed up and wanted to learn the blues.

“How often does a beautiful returned missionary girl show up with her guitar and ask for lessons?" Cash said. "That’s one of those no-way-it-was-a-coincidence moments in my life."

Another defining moment in Cash’s life was his two-year Mormon mission to Spain. Although he didn’t play music much, he was surrounded by lots of guitars and Flamenco music.

“Flamenco is Spain’s hybrid of Spanish classical music with what they call ‘duende’ — what we would equate to soul or blues," Cash said. "So I was exposed to a very technically demanding type of music with a great deal of soul and feeling, and I try to do the same with my music.”

From his guitar lessons and exposure to just about every genre of music, Cash has mastered multiple styles. You name it — from the blues to rock to country to jazz. He’s made a name for himself in the Dallas/Fort Worth area as a versatile, well-rounded musician.

“For the last 10 years, I’ve been a working musician four to five nights a week playing whatever kind of music would pay the bills on a given night, from Texas blues to jazz, classic rock and Bach at weddings,” Cash said. “Along the way, I (have) discovered my own talent for songwriting and my original music started getting attention.”

Cash then decided it was time to invest in a quality recording of his own music. He self-funded and self-produced his debut album, “Beautiful World."

Each song on his new album is full of positive energy. It simply feels good.

From listening to his album and talking to him for a few minutes, I could tell Cash is the kind of person you love to be around because he sees things in a positive light.

I asked Cash how he’s trained his eyes to see the good.

“I made a rule for myself to thank the Lord for every single gig, either after I sign the contract, or as I’m walking up to load in, I say a prayer and thank him for the opportunity," Cash said. "I realize that being able to support a family of five in the music business is a wonderful blessing.
“We obtain that which we focus on."

Cash keeps his eyes and his music focused on the good things — and that’s why he sees a beautiful, beautiful world.

For more information and to listen to Cash’s album, visit gojustincash.com.