The days of being a mother with young children aren't completely behind Mormon musician Hilary Weeks just yet.

She and her husband, Tim, have four girls — the oldest just received her driver's license and the youngest started kindergarten.

And she remembers those days when all of her girls were little.

"When I was a young mom, sometimes I just needed a break," Weeks said. "A chance to just laugh and a chance to be with other women."

That's what she hopes Deseret Book's Time Out for Women program is for moms of all ages.

The last stop on Time Out for Women's 2010 Infinite Hope tour is this weekend with a sold-out crowd in Salt Lake City, where Weeks will perform. Others, including Deseret Book authors, will also present.

During Weeks' presentations, she will sing and tell experiences of being a mom.

"I get to sing things that are funny. I get to sing things that are serious," Weeks said. "I hope with the speakers' combined messages, they get what they came for."

Weeks has also performed at BYU's Women's Conference and at other venues.

Many times she'll hear back from attendees about her music.

"I save every one of them," said Weeks. "I do try to respond. … People are so kind and accepting."

It's those experiences that the letter-writers share and her own that she draws on for inspiration for her songs.

Songwriting for some seems to be simple, but for Weeks it includes more writer's block.

"That's something I've loved from a young age," Weeks said of songwriting. "I feel like there is meaning to it, and it benefits people and makes a difference."

Otherwise, she would simply write just for herself and find more time for catching up on the laundry, making sure the house is in order and doing digital scrapbooking, which is one of her favorite things.

Weeks, who serves as her ward's Young Women president, knows she can't say yes to every invitation.

"I don't want (my children) to grow up and I don't really remember raising them," Weeks said.

The couple seems to manage when she's away with Time Out or other invites.

"My husband doesn't miss a beat," Weeks said. "They make Little Caesars and Wendy's their friend and do a really good job."

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