The big news at this year's Bioneers conference in Logan, Utah, is that an actual Mormon, Jared Doxey, worldwide Director for Architecture, Engineering and Construction for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, uttered the words "reduce our carbon footprint." Well done, Utah Bioneers. This is something of a breakthrough for us.

Doxey said of the "green" projects "When you talk about reusable energy and sustainable design, it knocks down all kinds of barriers," he said.

The LDS Church is now in the middle of a project to build five prototype meetinghouses in Utah, Nevada and Arizona. Doxey said all of the buildings have been or will apply for a LEED Silver certification. One meetinghouse in Farmington, which is now complete, has 156 solar panels and is 100 percent solar-powered, he said.

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