SALT LAKE CITY — Twenty-five years ago, on Nov. 10, the Young Women values, colors and logo were introduced via satellite to an audience of 450,000.

At the time, Sister Ardeth Kapp was the Young Women general president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

"This was a very spiritual time for all involved as we worked diligently, prayerfully, fervently and tirelessly and received revelation for a program presented and received with enthusiastic approval by the Brethren, a program that has lasted with only a word or two that has been added to fit the time and need," Sister Kapp said. "It is universal, and I have heard Young Women repeat that theme in many languages all over the world with the same commitment. We had a very dedicated inspired presidency and board.

"It's hard to believe all that is still in place today."

Sister Kapp is still in place as well, not as the general president but in many other facets of the LDS world.

She's a popular Time Out for Women speaker and started with the charter sessions in 2004. She speaks four to five times a year in various Time Out cities. She also serves on a number of community boards, including the Deseret Book editorial board, the Utah Youth Village, Upward Reach (Reach for Virtue), Southern Virginia University and Citizens for Educational Excellence board.

She teaches gospel doctrine in her local ward and just finished the manuscript for her 14th book for Deseret Book.

She is a frequent keynote speaker at Utah State University, the Institute Women's Association, women's conferences, and Young Men and Young Women events.

Sister Kapp served by her husband's side when he was president of the Canada Vancouver Mission. Later, they served as the president and matron of the Cardston Alberta Temple.

Today in her spare time, she teaches, writes, gardens and volunteers at Washington Elementary School in Bountiful helping children master reading.

She and her husband don't have any children of their own, but she participates in the lives of her nieces, nephews and their families.

Being with Time Out for Women has been "a grand experience in every way," she said. "It is an incredible opportunity to talk, teach and communicate in an environment where members active, less active and nonmembers can mingle, enjoy and be edified together. We have many responses that are very positive regarding the entire event and many responses specific to what some participants felt was an answer to what they were looking for. Many of their questions are answered in the presentations."

The world today is so challenging, Sister Kapp feels venues like Time Out for Women help women keep grounded.

She shares a message of unlimited possibilities with infinite hope because of Christ's Atonement.

"There are many subjects or topics I address depending on the group and the theme of their conference," Sister Kapp said.

She tells them hope is as essential to happiness and well-being as breathing.

"We must keep hoping, and we must keep breathing if we are to stay alive," she said. "Hope is reflected in one's attitude about life, one's vision of possibilities. Hope is being future-oriented. It allows us to live in anticipation, to get up in the morning expecting a good day, and if it isn't, to realize there is a tomorrow. We must not lose hope. Hope is a gift from God that comes to us by and through the Spirit."

Sister Kapp tells her audiences that hope is much more than wishful thinking.

"It is in our acceptance of the Savior, his unconditional love for us, his Atonement, that gives us reason for hope. Think of this promise in John 14:18: 'I will not leave you comfortless. I will come to you.'

"Through our covenants with our Father in Heaven and his son, Jesus Christ, and the gift of the Holy Ghost, we have reason or infinite hope today and to the very end of our lives. As we renew our covenants each Sabbath day and covenant to take upon us his name and keep his commandments, we can have his Spirit to be with us. Infinite hope is a gift of the Spirit."

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