"The early history of the church records that during the winter of 1833, the Lord directed that a school of the prophets was to be organized 'for their instruction in all things that are expedient for them' (D&C 88:127). It was to be held on the second floor of the Newel K. Whitney store. The brethren would come to the school to be instructed by the Prophet Joseph Smith. Some had acquired the habit of chewing and smoking tobacco. It became difficult for the Prophet to teach spiritual things in a temporal environment filled with smoke. Joseph Smith was troubled with the physical surroundings and inquired of the Lord if such conditions were proper for the brethren. In answer to his petition, he received a revelation known to us as the Word of Wisdom."The Word of Wisdom contains some very positive aspects. It encourages us to use grains, particularly wheat, and to use fruits and vegetables and the sparing use of meat. It is also noted for its prohibition — absolute prohibition — against the use of alcohol, tobacco, tea and coffee. Added to this has been the counsel of the church leaders to abstain from the use of such drugs as marijuana, cocaine, etc., and the abusive use of prescription drugs."

Elder L. Tom Perry, "Run and Not Be Weary," Ensign, Nov. 1996, 36