Mormon origin: It starts with "Mormons are named for the Book of Mormon." And ends with "So, 'Mormon' signifies a place of purity surrounded by danger; a place where a fallen people were removed from evil and filled with grace; a place named by a degenerate man and hallowed by a repentant one.” And has a fascinating linkable text chain in the middle. Click to read a scriptural "Origin of the species" of the word "Mormon."

Senior missionaries: Did you know that the "Senior Missionary Web Site" has been recently redesigned? Larry Richman does, and points out how to find it and what’s new. Click for more info.

Scripture practice: “Suddenly technology has, in a decade, changed how scriptures are available to this generation. If you are in seminary, you should sometimes practice reading or hearing your scriptures on your computer and your cell phone and your iPod or mp3 player. Because you're not just seminary students, you are pixel pioneers!" I just love how Dave eloquently expounds on "The Technology of Scripture" in this church talk turned blog post. Check it out!

Kindle conference: Have a Kindle? Like general conference? Well combine the two using these detailed instructions on "How To Put General Conference On Your Kindle." How cool is that? It goes hand-in-hand with our being pixel pioneers.